Registration Fees Table

Early Registration
(10 May 2021)
Normal Registration
(14 June 2021)
Late Registration
(31 August 2021 – Extended)
On Conference RegistrationVirtual Participation Registration (31 August 2021)
Participants from Developing Countries€360€390€400€560€300
Participants from all over the World except Developing Countries€430€475€500€560€300

Please download the form of registration from here:

and then complete it and send it to the fax of the Secretary of ICCMSE 2021: +35726952052 (new fax nr.) or (preferably) to the e-mail:
In the case of a payment via a bank transaction, your registration will not be considered valid until the bank transaction receipt is successfully sent. In the case of payment via credit cards your registration is not valid until your card is successfully charged. If you have any questions and/or requests, please contact the Secretary of ICCMSE at: with a carbon copy to

Registration Fees

  1. Conference Proceedings (published in AIP -American Institute of Physics- Conference Proceedings)
  2. On line publication of the AIP Conference Proceedings of ICCMSE 2021
  3. Coffee Breaks
  4. Welcome Drink
  5. Attendance at all scientific sessions of ICCMSE 2021

Guidelines for Registration

  1. Download the registration form (in PDF or in .DOC (Word) format).
  2. Please complete carefully the registration form (this is the first part of the form – Page 1 of the form). You have also complete the Payment part of the form (this is the Page 2 of the form). Also please read carefully the Remarks mentioned in pages 3-5 of the form.
  3. Please send the Registration Form to the Secretary of ICCMSE (a) via the e-mails: with a carbon copy to or via the fax number: +35726952052 (new fax nr.).
  4. Your registration is NOT valid until you send the Bank Slip of the Bank Transfer (Case: payment via Bank Transfer) or until you will be informed by the Secretary of ICCMSE that the charge of your credit card was successful (Case: payment via credit cards).


(*) For the students a confirmation signed by their supervisor is needed. This confirmation must be send to the fax number: +35726952052 (new fax nr.) together with the information that the fees has been paid.
An informal email to with a carbon copy to must be send.
Important Notice: Failure to fax the above requested letter will render the registration incomplete.
(**) With the term developing country we mean any country except USA, Canada, EU and other Western European nations, Japan, Australia and New Zealand.
(***) The extended abstracts of the cases (i), (ii), (iii) will be included in the Proceedings of ICCMSE 2021 (published in AIP (American Institute of Physics) Conference Proceedings).

We note that our policy for the presentation of more than one papers is the following:

  • For one paper (1): 1 registration fee
  • For two papers (2): 1.5 registration fees
  • For three papers (3): 2 registration fees
  • For four papers (4): 3 registration fees

Registration will not be effective until:
(a) receipt of the Bank slip for Bank Transfer
After payment of registration fees an informal e-mail to the Secretary of ICCMSE at with a carbon copy to should be sent and a copy of the bank trasaction receipt should be sent to
(i) the postal address of the Secretary of ICCMSE (Secretary of ICCMSE 2021,13, Tepeleniou street Tepeleni court, 2nd floor, 8010, Paphos, Cyprus)
(ii) the fax of the Secretary of ICCMSE 2021: +35726952052 (new fax nr.)
An informal email to with a carbon copy to must be sent.
(b) receipt of a message that your card has been charged effectively (for payment via credit cards).
(c) All payments must be “free of any charges for the payee”, i.e. all bank charges have to be borne by the sender.
Below we present you guidelines for successful registration. Please transfer these guidelines to your participants.

D) Excursion and Central Dinner

Due to COVID-19 measures this year the central dinner and the central excursion will not take place.


E) Virtual Symposium
For participants of a virtual symposium without physical participation the registration fee is 300 EUR per paper. Notice for participants: Write this amount on the registration form including the number of the virtual symposium or with the declaration that your participation is virtual.

F) Attendance to the Conference
For participants who only want to attend the conference the entrance fee is 200 EUR.