Poster Sessions

02 May 2020
POSTER SESSION: 4th Symposium on Computational Methods in Economics and Nature Use
CHAIR: Alexander Medvedev, Marina Medvedeva 16:00 – 18:00

Author(s)Paper Title
Dmitry Zavalishchin Optimal Loyalty Program Management
Alexandr A. Tarasyev, Gavriil A. Agarkov, Camilo A. Ospina Acosta Determination of Model Dynamics and Behavior of Functions in the Gravity Model of Migration
Alexandr A. Tarasyev, Gavriil A. Agarkov, Tatyana V. Tarasyeva Dynamic Modeling of Risks and Threats to the Development of Economic System
Alexandr A. Tarasyev, Semenyo Seakomo Mobile Solutions Technology: Enabler for Agribusinesses in Ghana
Anastasiia E. Sudakova, Alexandr A. Tarasyev Cross-border Mobility of Scientists
Anastasiia E. Sudakova, Andrey A. Tarasyev Dynamic Modeling of Scientific Migration in the National Space
Alexander L. Bagno and Alexander M. Tarasyev Compactification of Calculation Domains in Approximation Schemes for Value Functions of Optimal Control Problems with Infinite Horizon
Nikolay A. Krasovskii and Alexander M. Tarasyev Stability Properties of Value Functions in Terms of Conjugate Derivatives for Dynamic Bimatrix Games
Anastasiia A. Usova, Alexander M. Tarasyev Application of the Reliability Theory to the Model of Effective Resource Use  
Mariia D. Pyshkina, Alexey V. Vasilyev and Alexey A. Ekidin A Neutron Spectrum Reconstruction for Purposes of Personnel Dosimetry: Modelling Study
Igor N. Sachkov, Victoria F. Turygina, Yana V. Sivacheva, Vitaly Ford, Alla V. Usova and Natalia M. Bykova Usage of FEM for modeling synergetic effects in the processes of degradation of electrical contacts
Svetlana N. Lapshina, Evgenia Kukarskaya CAD/CAM Applications Analysis
A.V. Cherkashin, M.A. Medvedeva, K.B. Spasov Evaluation of the software testing process effectiveness based on calculated metrics
Marina Medvedeva, Anna Kolomytseva, Bogdan Shulyak Optimization the processes of the digital projects participants interaction based on the modeling of target states in dynamics
M.A. Medvedeva, E.A. Iskra, О.А. Yurchenko, N.M. Bykova A model of the information architecture of the system of the economic agents interaction management in a region
Marina Medvedeva, Anna Kolomytseva, Maxim Svetlichnyi Data models in target management of the business architecture of the trade and logistics center
Alexander Medvedev, Lyudmila Golovan, Artur Nechaev Target Architecture Design in the Digital Projects Financing Management
A.N. Medvedev, V.N. Timokhin, Yu.A. Nelyubina Discrete – event modeling by system dynamics method
Alexander Medvedev, Victoria Panova, Yevgeniy Panov Operational model of a trading company with the account of the comptition behavior influence in the market    
I.I. Sviridova, E.A. Iskra, A.N. Medvedev A simulation model of the architecture of the warehouse logistic processes

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